QuickOPT - Sheet Shearing Optimization Software


In response to general demand, we at Sof-Tech have designed and produced a program for automatic optimization of sheet shearing. This program will minimize material waste and also keep track and reuse material offcuts. The program is a complete tool for computerized order processing, material tracking and shop floor assistance.

QuickOPT features:

  • an easy to understand, menu driven user interface;
  • online help facility;
  •  multilingual support;
  • graphical display of shearing layouts;
  • support of three different material stocks (standard sheets, coil, offcuts) ;
  • determining of optimal master sheet sizes;
  • automatic stock control (including offcuts);
  • job and material costing;
  • order merging;
  • printouts of shearing lists;
  • dimensioned drawings of shearing layouts with cutting sequence;
  • labels printing;
  • cutting machine setup (incl. cutting tool width and dead zone);
  • keeping the grain flow of material;
  • selection of cutting direction;
  •  data export and import;


The QuickOPT program provides you with instant access to stock data and assists you with preparation of quotes and material requirements for any single or combined job. It is fast and accurate so eliminating delays and mistakes in job costing. Optimization of material usage assures immediate and significant savings in money and time. Data remains stored on the computer disk for future reference, correction or reordering. In short, your business becomes more efficient and competitive. And the shop floor? With a single keystroke you can produce highly accurate and fully dimensioned drawings of shearing layouts.

We are currently looking for distributors / resellers of our software. Please contact us at: info@quickopt.com